Common, Dear is a Portland-based folky trio with a lot of soul. The debut of their e.p. was followed by a cross-country tour in summer 2012. After functioning in a variety of forms, the full band turned into a two-piece. Since then, the foot-stomping duo has worked on producing a full sound with little man power. This sound is driven by the acoustic guitar and steady kick drum and filled with vocal harmonies and droning accordion. Two-piece David Stefanik and Rachel Jeffers were thrilled to add the depth and ability of upright bass player, Katharine Hormann.

Their album "Learn to Breathe" was released in January 2016 - recorded at Supernatural Studios in Oregon City. Both albums can be found on ITunes. 

They're playing a few shows this winter in the PNW - check the "shows" page for details.

Lead Vocals // Acoustic

David Stefanik

Vocals // Accordion // Trombone

Rachel Jeffers

Upright Bass

Katharine Hormann