Common, Dear is a Portland-based trio with a lot of soul. Influenced by Americana and folk, they released their first e.p. “Building Cathedrals”. This was followed by a cross-country tour in summer 2012. Since then, the foot-stomping duo has worked on producing a full sound with little man power. This sound is driven by rhythmic guitars, steady percussion and filled with lush harmonies and droning accordion. After functioning in a variety of forms, two-piece David Stefanik and Rachel Jeffers were thrilled to officially add long time friend and collaborator Jordan James on electric guitar.

Their second album “Learn to Breathe” was released in January 2016. The record was recorded at Supernatural Studios in Oregon City by engineer and producer David Pollock. The following year was spent touring and promoting the album.

After a busy year of touring and promotions, the majority of 2018 was spent writing and recording new music.

“Rivers”, their upcoming e.p. was recorded in El Paso, Texas at Sonic Ranch Studios in collaboration again with Pollock. It is set to be released later in 2019.

All music can be found on ITunes and Spotify.

Vocals // Guitar // Drums

David Stefanik

Vocals // Accordion // Trombone // Bass

Rachel Jeffers

Electric Guitar

Jordan James